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This site will make your film, performance and show visions a reality. Oliver Keller Action provides you with every aspect of technical show development and implementation. Want to know more about flying humans, setting performers ablaze and orchestrating spectacular stunts. You will get in-depth information on stunt coordination for videos and TV shows, orchestrating gags for corporate events and flying all types of people.

movie stunts and special effects

Stunt performances are very exciting and quite entertaining. Get unique resources on how to implement stunts of both special effects, live performance, and rigging. We would love to bridge the gap and create a pathway for you to discover diverse genres so that you can learn or recreate truly seamless stunts safely and effectively every time.

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We truly believe the essence of a filmed stunt lies in its planning. This blog will give you the ability to unlock into your creative vision, breakdown script and create dynamic options. With the knowledge gained one can be able to properly plan and develop, allowing you to get best out of film and TV.

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