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Oliver Keller Action author

Hello, am Oliver M Keller.

I have been working in the Entertainment Industry for more than twenty years covering all manner of stunts and served in a variety of positions in my career, Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator, Firearms Handler, Pyrotechnician, Special Effects Supervisor, Prosthetics Make Up Artist, and Historical Consultant (Ninjutsu).

This site provides fascinating stunt and rigging information from high falls to full fire work, actor flying and other great action related movie stunts. It also covers all the elements of cast and actor training, from horse riding and driving through fire to sword fighting and wire work.

Having previous experience working with over 300 stunt movie projects and with over 200 credits, I have gained vast experience in all sequences of stunt effects from streets scenes to large scale battle scenes. This site is the best resource for stunts, special effects, and action-related information.

We continuously strive to publish thoughtful and unique resources and information on highly skilled stunt and special effects related to Film and TV Production.