Rigging/flying is composed of a full range of flying effects. Everything from simple fly gags to fully automated 3D systems. With a huge selection of hardware combined with the knowledge and ingenuity, you will most definitely be able to put your custom effects together right.

Each flying project has its own unique challenges that require custom systems, solutions and “out of the box” thinking. There are constantly new systems and technologies being developed and produced to enable one to fly higher, work safer and create a more seamless interaction between the performer and technology.

Here’s a Flying Effects & Stunt Rigging Video

With rigging/flying, stunts safety is the number one concern in these types of projects and it is something you should take very seriously. Ensuring constant training and learning new skills that enable you to work more effectively and safer.

Flying Effects examples include but not limited to; Fly Rigging, Stunt Rigging, Entertainment Rigging and Circus Rigging.