Sensual Massage London

Tantric or tantra massage is an ancient recovery art, a type of sensual massage, that utilizes sensuous touching and sexual energy to awaken the body’s energy field and attain a greater state of awareness. Tantra / Tantric massage intends to awaken and broaden inactive Kundalini– a legendary energy that rests at the base of the spinal column– and spread it along the spinal column to promote recovery. By awakening the body’s energy centers or chakras, a tantra massage therapist– likewise called a tantrica or goddess– intends to excite the sleeping Kundalini from its resting state. Throughout the session customers are naked while their complete body, consisting of delicate locations, is carefully rubbed utilizing warm, fragrance free oils. A sensual massage is one that focuses on the partner’s erotic / erogenous zones to offer both tension relief and increased intimacy in between the masseuse and recipient.

Sensual Massage London Experience

I had my first tantric sensual massage (sometimes called an erotic or nude massage), while I was on the set of an action film in London. The work, as always is challenging and a fellow stuntman said how he used sensual massage timeouts to feel better in between the crazy filming schedules.

I wasn’t sure, it sounded like a bunch of BS but, I try and put my doubts aside to open myself to new experiences. I’m not short of ladies attention but sometimes its best to be disconnected emotionallu but escorts has never had any appeal for me.

I took the plunge and booked Sensual Massage London agency. And went along with an open mind. Unlike escorts and other sex service type of interactions, this was a little more cash wise. I was wondering if i’d be spending a lot of cash on something not worth the effort.

Sensual Massage & Tantra

The cool thing was the masseuse came to me, right to my hotel room. She was gorgeous, model looks and legs that went on forever (I’m a leg guy). She introduced herself and put me totally at my ease, not knowing what to expect is always the worst.

She explained there were a few ways a tantric massage could be done and that it was best to match the expectations to what I wanted. Well I was here for the experience so I told her to take the lead and give me the tantric tour!

First she told me to get comfortable, then she explained some of the background of sensual massage and told me about breathing strategies called pranayamas and how they are utilized throughout a tantric massage. Pranayamas enable energy to actively move from one part of the body to another, giving clients like me a chance to feel in control and to work out self-control throughout a stimulation.

So in short, some clever deep breathing to keep me calm when things got more intimate! More than that Tantra breathing even more improves the experience, with recipients feeling as if time stops. She said that the aim was to get me into “a joyous hypnotic trance” and that would help me get rid of my concerns and that it would help physical barriers dissolve. So I relax, let the stimulation flow, breathe and extend the enjoyment of my tantric massage.

She then explained that the sensuous massage is one that focuses solely on my erotic zones to supply both tension relief and increased intimacy in between her and me. I was also told, this is passive, I just lay back and take it!

Tantric Massage Session

Every tantric session is distinct, personalized and individualized for each customer. My masseuse explained that by awakening the body’s energy centers or chakras, a tantra massage therapist– likewise called a tantrica or goddess– intends to excite the sleeping Kundalini from its resting state. Sounded great in theory, I like the spiritual side, doing what I do for a living, you need something to focus on like that as there are some crazy momenta!

Sessions usually start with relaxation methods, followed by chakra energy structure techniques, and culminating with Kundalini stimulation. Throughout the sensual massage, not only me, but she was going to be naked! This is for energy transferrence and so that she can slowly, awaken my senses,  the body’s level of sensitivity ramps up, and energy circulation is promoted.

Trust me, when this girl got naked, parts of me certainly woke up! I am not a shy fella!

Tantric Massage Advantages

Tantric massages are psychological and really intimate, with sexual stimulation a significant effect and yes, if you are looking for a happy ending style massage. this is one of those BUT…. and it’s a big but, it is actually a lot more than that. Tantric massage has lots of other advantages as well, consisting of:
* Deep relaxation
* Discomfort relief
* Relief of psychological worry and regret
* Increased sense of individual empowerment
* Sense of satisfaction
* Stimulation of one’s inherent sensuous spirituality

So would I do a tantric massage again? Yeah, I would. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Use an agency who has some experience, not all tantric massages are the same. Some are just hand relief, the good ones will charge you more but the women (masseuses) are a different class and they also understand the massage techniques. I was brought to the edge some many times it was crazy! But I also got an awesome Swedish massage as part of the process. This really does relax you and my new girl has mentioned a couple of times about my staying power, I put that down to some tantric teaching! There are some secrets in the breathing they show you, don’t underestimate it.

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