From Smoke & Fog to Flutterfetti & Streamers! There are a variety of machines that create dazzling atmospheric effects. These effects can be staged indoors or outside and one can choose from a variety of options.

Atmospheric Effects
• Smoke & Haze Machines • Low Smoke Generator (LSG) • Tiny Fogger • Snow Machines • Bubble Machines • Flutterfetti Blowers, Launchers & Cannons • Streamer Cannons

There are also high voltage special effects (HVFX) that create awesome high voltage electrical streamers (discharges). You can apply these effects on stunt based TV shows, science shows and even in live displays and at corporate events.

FogScreen® technology
This is an amazing device that enables the user to project images (video, lasers, etc.) on a screen made entirely out of fog.

This virtual projection screen is created through an innovative process where ordinary tap water is excited through a patented ultrasonic process. This creates a unique dry fog that can be used in any environment. This projection fog screen is made flat by sandwiching it between two layers of laminar air. The overall effect is that of a magical projection screen suspended in mid air. This screen can be interacted with and even walked through.

FogScreen® can create screens eight feet high in any width you require. The standard screen configuration is 7’3” wide. FogScreens® are usually a huge hit at trade shows, night clubs, galleries and installations where an interactive virtual screen is required.

• FogScreen® Rental Packages • FogScreen® Sales • Rigging Packages (to suspend the screen) • Video Projector Packages • Media Content • Interactive Screen Technology

Laser effects systems range from small, self-contained club and corporate sized lasers to full featured, multi laser systems for large touring shows.

• Atmospheric • Concert • Nightclub • Corporate • Animations (Logos, Pictures & Text)
Specialty effects machines are usually used to implement special effects flawlessly. So that it creates real live magic on the stage.

• Mega Fog Burst Effects (Smoke Columns) • Low Smoke Generator (LSG) • Dry Ice Machine – Low Fog Effect • CO2 Cryo Jets / Ice Jets • Liquid Nitrogen Effects • Flutterfetti Blowers, Launchers & Cannons • Massive Foam Generator  • T-Shirt Cannons.

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