Stunts are all the dangerous action sequences in a movie that require a stuntman or stunt performer. During the performance of these stunts, appropriate safety regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of every stunt performer. Types of stunts may include jumping, flipping, diving, free-falling, crashing cars, catching fire, underwater stunts and other dangerous action sequences where stunt doubles are needed.

The best action for a stunt sequence is accomplished by:

  • A mutual understanding of the director’s requirement and vision for the sequence/commercial.
  • If budgetary constraints diminish the original concept, the coordinator should be able to suggest an alternative method of portraying the same storyline.
  • Employing the best performers for the job combined with the safety requirements to protect all those performers and the rest of the crew to ensure that everyone goes home safely on ‘wrap’.


How to do Stunts – A stunt’s work